Monday, June 26, 2006

[tv] Bruce Woolley on BBC South

This video is of Bruce Woolley of The Radio Science Orchestra being interviewed on the BBC South news about ten years ago.

This is just one of dozens of theremin related video clips from UK TV being uploaded to YouTube by user 42Hz at the moment. Find more of his impressive collection here.

Monday, June 19, 2006

[cd] Man From Uranus releases Future Focus

Man From Uranus's new album Future Focus will be available at his shows, and in the iTunes Music Store from June the 19th.

Man from Uranus - Future Focus
Click to load iTunes and go to the Future Focus page.

Sample tracks The Future Is On Fire and Speedworm are available at

[tv] Hypnotique on Channel 4

Get this video and more at

The video is of Miss Hypnotique on The New Paul O'Grady Show, on 8th May 2006, along with TV presenter Aemon Holmes.

Friday, June 16, 2006

[web] Launches



Theremin UK

Announcement goes live

This is the tale of our Nelly,
a Brit who was watching the telly,
when she saw upon the screen
a most unusual music machine
that made a wondrous, singular sound;
eerie, melodic, mournful, profound.
A theremin. You may have guessed,
but wait until you hear the rest…
As then announced our eager Miss,
“I need to hear some more of this.”
And so she searched the internet,
saying, “I will find a gig. Yet
will I have that much success?
The internet is such a mess!”
But here she had a nice surprise,
for there, sat right before her eyes,
was just a perfect little list
of concerts that she might have missed,
dotted all around the land, and
there was a band quite close to hand.
Well, after she had seen them play,
she bought a theremin next day,
and soon she learned to make it sing.
It took a bit of struggling,
but there was something else she found;
a list of players on home ground.
She met some of her local group,
who helped her with the rod and loop.
And with that boost, that hand, that lift,
she found out that she had the gift!

She’s on the list herself, you know,
and to her concerts you should go,
as an agent also found the list,
and contacted our gifted Miss…
So when you see her, by and by,
take a moment to say hi,
as she’s the famous player, Nelly,
the thereminist from on the telly!

We are delighted to announce the opening of, a register of UK thereminists and the ideal place to announce your gigs and other UK events and theremin news. Sign up now.

As an added incentive, we have a limited number of free e-mail addresses which can be provided to the first people to register and post their profiles. is run by UK thereminists for UK thereminists.