Monday, June 26, 2006

[tv] Bruce Woolley on BBC South

This video is of Bruce Woolley of The Radio Science Orchestra being interviewed on the BBC South news about ten years ago.

This is just one of dozens of theremin related video clips from UK TV being uploaded to YouTube by user 42Hz at the moment. Find more of his impressive collection here.


At 1:39 am, Anonymous Leon S. Dawson said...

The theremin has & will continue to inspire for generations.
Its obviously here to stay and should be a household name.
Anyone can Identify an electric guitar or a keyboard synthesizer...
The theremin is equaly as versitlie an insturment if not more so.

I will be suprised if the theremin cannot be found in most musical instrument shops in the nexty 30yrs.

Viva La Electro-Revolution!


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