Saturday, February 19, 2011

[concert] - Experimenting with Grainger - London - 19 Feb 2011

"Watch a specially prepared film by Australian/American avant-garde composer and musician, Warren Burt, in which he describes his reconstruction of one of Grainger's experimental machines, the Electric Eye Tone Tool. Lydia Kavina will then present a selection of original works for the haunting sound of the theremin, of which she is a leading exponent. She will also include a realisation for theremin of Grainger's ‘Free Music' and will answer questions from the audience."

Lydia will be assisted by thereminists Charlie Draper, Susi O'Neill (Miss Hypnotique), Richard Moran, Christopher Flynn and Ozlem Simsek.

DateSaturday 19 February
VenueSt Pancras
Price£9.50 online

Book here.


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