Saturday, March 22, 2008

[gig] Alexander Thomas - Bristol - 22nd of March

Location: Bristol

Venue: The Cube Cinema, Princess Row BS2 8JB

Zuleika Ziegfield's Cabaret of Curiosities:
Alexander Thomas on guest Theremin for Pelouse en Fromage.
More details tbc.

Check details with venue.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

[gig] Theremin Quartet - Shrewsbury - 20 March

The Sonic Weekend 3 Post Party

Will take place on Thursday the 20th Of March, in

The Vaults
16 Castle Gates

The Albert
14 Smithfield Road

From the hour of eight in the evening onwards.

You are most cordially invited to the party, and for your listening pleasure a selection of sonic divertimentos will be presented to you by The Warriors Of The Third Sonic Weekend.

Amongst the aural confectionary will be a quartet of thereminists, comprising Marc of Large Number, Electromungo, Phil of The Mirlitrons and myself, Beat Frequency.

Entrance is free.

The Sonic Weekend is a gathering of 20 electronica musicians hosted by White Label Music, and a time of concentrated musical creativity. The album created during Sonic Weekend 1 is available now on iTunes. The album created during Sonic Weekend 2, along with the EP Sonic Weekender 3 The Kitchen Cuts will be available shortly.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

[gig] Alexander Thomas - Brighton - 8 Mar

Location: Brighton

Venue: The West Hill Hall, Compton Avenue, Brighton, BN1 3PS


The West Hill Hall Presents: Alexander Thomas, Da'at The Veil and Same Actor.

Check details with venue.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

[gig] Alexander Thomas - Oxford - 5 Mar

Location: Oxford

Venue: The Port Mahon

8pm - Tickets £4

Permanent Vacation Presents: Alexander Thomas, Da'at The Veil, Gravepaintings and Euhedral.

Check details with venue.