Friday, October 30, 2009

[project] The BuildBrighton Theremin Build

Emily Toop, project organiser writes:

You can find out all about our theremin project on our website, BuildBrighton is a hackerspace, a permanent workshop set up to provide a space and a community for all people interested in electronics, physical computing, A-life and crafts. Basically we provide a space for anyone who builds something, but does not have anywhere to do it.

The theremin is a project we have started to fulfill part of an alliance we have struck with local club promoters, Playgroup. The theremin will be used as part of a 'deal sweetener' and will have to be completed ready to be presented to music act Evil Nine on 30th October at our Launch Party at The Komedia in Brighton.

None of us have ever built a theremin before so we're kind of making it up as we go, but then that's half the fun. In order to be a part of the project, you would need to join BuildBrighton. Membership is on a monthly subscription basis (we are a not for profit group and all subscriptions and money raised goes towards providing the space, equipment and machinery for the group) and costs £10-£20 depending on the members circumstances. We also operate a £5 drop in fee, with a free 'taster' session. Membership gives you access to the space 24/7, use of all equipment and machinery available in the space and free attendance to all workshops, talks and tutorials.

Currently we meet every Thursday on group nights, but the space is available 24/7 and the Theremin project will be conducted outside of the regular meetups on Wednesday nights.


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