Thursday, October 11, 2007

[workshop] Barbara Buchholz - Mallorca - 11 Oct

Barbara BuchholzLocation: Andratx, Mallorca

Venue: PING!4 Festival

A student of the master classes of Lydia Kavina - a great-niece of the Theremin’s originator Lev Thermen – Barbara Buchholz has retrieved the instrument from oblivion and is finding new uses and applications for it in contemporary music. Known internationally for her mastery of the theremin, she is in demand as a performer and teacher. At the PING! 4 Festival (Oct 11-14) in Mallorca this autumn, she will offer the followiing workshops:

Workshop A
“First steps with the theremin”. For musicians without any experience of the Theremin. To play the theremin is like singing with your “inner voice“. Anyone who loves singing already has the prerequisites. No need to own a theremin - there will be an instrument available for the workshop.

Workshop B
“First have music in your soul.” (quote by Clara Rockmore)
A seminar for Theremin musicians who already have basic knowledge; ear training, technics for the left and the right hand, phrasing, articulation, in the style of Lydia Kavina and Clara Rockmore.

Workshop C
“Study your Theremin” Studies for Musicians with a sound knowledge of the theremin. Please let us know what piece of music you would like to study.

The PING! Festival of experimental and electronic arts and music
takes place in Andratx, Majorca, every October.

For more information and to register for Barbara's workshop at PING!4,
Write to: You can find information about PING3 on The PING!4 Program will be available in September. For students wishing to attend the workshops we can offer advice on accommodation, transport, etc,


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