Friday, July 27, 2007

Hands Off 2007 Update

Featured speakers and performers at Hands Off 2007 now also include Barbara Buchholz (video here), Carolina Eyck (video here), Charlie Draper (video here) and Jon Bernhardt (video here) of The Lothars, currently appearing in the Whitecastle ads (video here).

The total cost of Hands Off 2007, including meals and accomodation, is £150. Pay half now and half by June 30th. Book soon - the number of places is strictly limited. There is a £10 supplement for a single bedroom if required.

The option to pay a deposit only has now been withdrawn, and final payment is due from those who have previously paid a deposit. If, and only if, you are visiting this page to make final payment, please select the third option on the Google Checkout button, "Final Payment after Deposit".

Any questions regarding the symposium should be directed to gordonc at

Update: We are not accepting any more bookings for the Symposium. Sorry if you missed the deadline.


At 3:51 am, Blogger dr foo said...

I'm a big theremin fan, and a fan of Gordon's artistic efforts in general, but I am absolutely terrified to discover that he is able to retro-post from the future into the present. This post is dated "Friday, July 27, 2007" which is more than two months from today. While you're there, GC, could you please send me some winning lottery numbers, too?


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