Monday, September 11, 2006

[gig] Pamelia Kurstin to tour UK

Pamelia on Tour - UK


At 9:22 pm, Blogger Gordon Charlton said...

I intend to see Pamelia.

At 4:16 pm, Anonymous zakiman said...

will she be visting briatol gordon??

At 9:56 pm, Blogger Gordon Charlton said...

Pamelia will be letting me know venue details as soon as she has them, and I'll post them straight away.

At 8:31 am, Blogger jez - ime said...

Hi all.
Pamelia will be in the UK from September 11th to the 28th & so far we have shows arranged in London (2 different sets - a Jazz set at Vortex with special guests & a solo set at e:vent gallery), Leeds (Holy Trinity), Nottingham, Brighton, Dundee, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Kendal/Barrow, Hull & are still looking around for other opportunities - so do get in touch if you know of anywhere or would be interested in putting on an event ( I'll post the actual confirmed dates as soon as they have been 100% set as we are still plotting them so as to make a sensible route around the UK. Thanks - please get in touch so I can email all interested people !

At 9:08 am, Blogger J D said...

Jez - are the gigs outside London solo? I'm very pleased (and slightly amazed) that there are 3 gigs planned for Scotland - meaning I can drag non-theremin friends along (to all 3), though I may try and get to the London shows too.

Will there be a programme available, or opportunity for us to hand out flyers or put up a poster? There are bound to be some new 'converts' and it would be great to show them that support exists in the UK for people wanting to take up the instrument or follow concerts.


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