Wednesday, September 20, 2006

[gig] Pamelia Kurstin - Dundee - 20 Sep

Location: Dundee

Venue: City Function Rooms

Support by Jez-IME plus local guests.

Please confirm performance details with Venue.


At 9:59 am, Blogger J D said...

A similar mix of music to the Glasgow show, but with a very different atmosphere. The more intimate setting and a decent-sized, receptive crowd seemed to bring out more of the performer in Pamelia. First she played along with the support act (fitting in well with Jez-IME's slowly evolving looped soundscape of amplified low-volume sounds), then joining in with one of the LP's being played between sets, before starting her own solo performance.

The tone was lighter than the previous night, and Pamelia was much more chatty, dedicating one piece to the former casino which was the venue - "I hope you don't feel you've lost your money tonight!".

Whilst she was considering the start of the final piece for the night, someone called out "Monkey Techno!" which inspired Pamelia to set up a hard, aggressive beat and squelchy bassline loop to play over, which she also rapped over in suitable, but very funny mock-gansta style. She even got somebody up dancing!

Does humour belong in music? Oh yes, it certainly did tonight!


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